Our History

1951 - The Education Department established the Technical Teachers' Training Centre in the Melbourne Technical College.


1954 - The Education Department granted the Training Centre the status of a teachers' college.


Early 1970s - The Technical Teachers' College became one of the foundation campuses of the newly formed State College of Victoria.


1981 - With the passing of the Victorian Post-Secondary Education Act, the Hawthorn Institute of Education was proclaimed in 1982. Its international activities and offerings grew and over the years its enterprise experienced various name changes that reflected the particular focus at the time. These were:

  • Overseas Projects Unit
  • The Commercial Unit
  • The Centre for International Teaching, Training and Development
  • Hawthorn International Education
  • Hawthorn Consulting Group
  • International Projects Division


1986 - The Hawthorn English Language Centre was established. It grew from the activities of an Indonesian-based project run by the Overseas Projects Unit of the Hawthorn Institute of Education. It became an official IELTS testing centre in 1989.


1989 - An affiliation between the University of Melbourne and Hawthorn Institute of Education was put into place. At around this time, the ownership of the Hawthorn site was transferred to the University of Melbourne. The full amalgamation with the University of Melbourne occurred in 1996 - the Hawthorn Institute of Education ceased to exist and a full University department had been created. The Hawthorn English Language Centre remained on as part of a newly established business of the University Melbourne, Melbourne Enterprises International Ltd. The other main divisions of Melbourne Enterprises International were:

  • International Projects Division
  • Consultancy Division
  • New Ventures & Investment Division


1998 - Melbourne University Private Ltd was formed by the University of Melbourne.


2001 - Melbourne University Private Ltd merged with Melbourne Enterprises International Ltd


2003 - The new Ventures & Investment Division of Melbourne University Private Ltd became a separate company, Melbourne Ventures Pty Ltd, and its ownership was transferred from Melbourne University Private Ltd to the University of Melbourne. At the same time, the Hawthorn Campus was sold to Melbourne University Private Ltd as the site for the ongoing growth and development of the private university.


2005 - The University of Melbourne decided to ‘merge' the activities of Melbourne University Private with itself, and return Melbourne University Private's university licence to the State Government. All academic programs of Melbourne University Private Ltd were transferred to the University of Melbourne, the International Projects division was sold to GRM International, and the School of Enterprise and the Hawthorn English Language Centre continued to operate under the newly named UMEE Ltd). Ownership of the Hawthorn Campus remained with UMEE Ltd.


2007 - The ownership of Melbourne Ventures Pty Ltd transferred from the University of Melbourne to UMEE Ltd. The Curriculum Licensing unit of the University of Melbourne was transferred to become a business unit of UMEE Ltd.


2008 - The Hawthorn English Language Centre business was sold to Navitas (with the Language Centre remaining on as a major tenant of the campus).


2008 - The School of Enterprise changed its name to Melbourne Consulting and Custom Programs.


2009 - UMEE Ltd took on the project of implementing the University's business plan to open a general medical centre in Shepparton (under a service agreement with the Rural Health Academic Centre, Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences of the University)


2010 - Management of the Conservation Consultancy Services business is brought into UMEE into the company from the Faculty of Arts.


2010 - UMEE Ltd changed its name to UoM Commercial Ltd.


2010 - Melbourne Ventures Pty Ltd merged into UoM Commercial Ltd, and the Curriculum Licensing Services unit was disestablished.


2011 - UoMC renamed its divisions from Melbourne Consulting and Custom Programs to Services Commercialisation and Melbourne Ventures to Technology Commercialisation.


2012 - UoMC reorganised its business to have three Support groups (Finance and Business Systems, Facilities and Risk Management and Human Resources) and implemented three main commercial divisions, namely Teaching and Learning Commercialisation, Technology Commercialisation and Contract and Asset Management. Shepparton Medical Centre and the Conservation Consultancy Services divisions remain unchanged.


UoM Commercial

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